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HWiNFO 7.12 for Windows

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Description:Access more info about the components of your PC
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Oct 4th, 2021
Author:Martin Malík


HWiNFO is a lite program that will offer us information about components in our system in just a few clicks.

HWiNFO offers full-featured information about all components of your PC: processor, memory, motherboard, PCI bus, graphic card, network, battery, drives,…

Furthermore, it includes some tools to monitor the health and status of some components, such as memory, disc or processor benchmarks that allow you to know the status of those components or a temperature sensor for disc and CPU that will warn you in case of emergency.

Finally, you can configure it to create a log with reports of the status of the different components of your system and export them as text, CSV, XML, HTML, or MHTML.

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