How to breed Punkleton 2023

How to breed a rare punkleton in my singing monsters – Punkleton is a special seasonal spawn in My Singing Monsters, and gamers are attempting to breed it. The player can collect and breed musical animals in this simulation game. You can unlock additional islands with distinctive creatures by collecting them. However, certain creatures only come during certain seasons or occasions. Due to their scarcity, they are in high demand. This tutorial will help you breed a monster of this type.
how to breed punkleton 2023
As previously stated, this creature is a seasonal spawn. Therefore, it is only available on Plant Island during the Spooktackle season. To breed Punkleton, you need only combine Bowgart with T-Rox. Follow these easy actions to acquire it.

  1. When you click on Breeding Structure, a menu will appear.
  2. There, mix Bowgart and T-Rox by clicking on them.
  3. Then, wait 18 hours for the breeding process to conclude.
  4. Using Diamonds can also speed up the process.

Once you have obtained this creature, you can place it among its preferred items. This can feature both creatures and decor. You can boost its happiness by doing so. In turn, this will raise its Coin Production.

How to breed punkleton first try

You must wait 18 hours after picking two of these monsters from the ‘Breed’ menu for the breeding to be completed. Alternatively, if you have the Diamonds available, you can minimize this.

It’s worth noting that you won’t always obtain a Punkleton on your first try, so if you’re unlucky enough not to get one, just keep trying and you’ll eventually get one.

It’s also worth noting that Punkleton may only be bred in My Singing Monsters during the Spooktacle seasonal event, which runs from the middle of October to the beginning of November.

It can also be bred during the ‘Out-of-Season’ period which takes place for a few days in April, or anytime it is on the Seasonal Shanty island, as it would appear it is right now!

The exact days of the ‘Out-of-Season’ period change each year, so be sure to keep checking in with the official Twitter account for the latest details.

Rare & Epic Punkletons

You may only receive the rare and epic Punkleton during extremely particular periods during the Spooktacle seasonal event.

For example, in 2020, the Rare Punkleton could only be gotten between October 16 and October 19, and then again between October 27 and October 30. The Epic Punkleton was only available from October 30 to November 4.

The rare and epic variants, like the standard My Singing Monsters Punkleton, can also be earned during the ‘Out-of-Season’ event, which usually takes place in April each year.

These dates may vary in 2021 and later years, but you may remain up to speed on seasonal monster availability by following the My Singing Monsters Twitter account.

That’s everything you need to know on how to breed Punkleton in My Singing Monsters. For more tips and techniques, make sure to search for Twinfinite.

How to breed punkleton epic

In the video game My Singing Monsters, you assume the role of a monster trainer tasked with raising a charming ensemble of singing-obsessed monsters. There exists a wide variety of monstrous animals, each of which has its own unique roar or speech. In today’s episode of My Singing Monsters, we will teach how to breed a Punkleton because certain seasonal breeds are tough to acquire.

On Plant Island, players can breed an Epic Punkleton by combining an Entbrat with a Drumpler. On Seasonal Shanty, combining a Schmoocle and a Blabbit yields an Epic Punkleton. This is the alternate approach. On the other hand, this combination may produce an Ffidyll instead.

A full day, seven hours, and ten minutes are required to breed an Epic Punkleton. If it is improved, the needed time is 23 hours, 22 minutes, and 30 seconds. It is available for 1,000 diamonds on Plant Island and 1,225 diamonds on Seasonal Shanty. The purchase and sale of animals is restricted to specially designated occasions.

The Epic Punkleton features a yellow body with a green head. In addition to black shoes, it wears a top hat, white gloves, and black gloves. It has a carved face and a white collar with ruffles around its neck.

How to breed punkleton rare

Rares can only be bred or purchased during events involving them. Press Copyright Information Contact us Creators Advertise Terms for Developers Privacy and Safety How YouTube Works Examine new functions Press Copyright Creators, please contact us. Here is the exact monster mix required to breed Punkleton in My Singing Monsters. The Rare Punkleton, like other Seasonals, is only able to be bred during brief, predetermined intervals.

Punkleton is a Seasonal Monster located on Plant Island that celebrates the Spooktacle season. My Vocal Monsters How to breed Rare Punkleton on Plant island for the benefit of your closest companions. This article describes the possible breeding combinations for each unique Monster; for the breeding mechanic, see Breeding. This is the primary article related to Seasonal Shanty.

Beginning with Rare Gjoob, The Rare Mythicals were introduced on October 12, 2022. April’s Out-of-Season is the other time when Punkletons can reproduce. My Singing Monsters are your greatest allies. This is my buddy code: 32148605GD.

The characters Bowgart and T-Rox On Seasonal Shanty, breeding a Punkleton with any other monster can produce a Rare Punkleton as opposed to a standard Punkleton. Breeding Punkleton in My Singing Monsters.

The default duration of its breeding period is 1 day 7 hours and 10 minutes. Plant Island has a single possible combination. Once a Rare Punkleton has been obtained, it can be bred. It was included in Version 104 on October 23, 2012.

Additionally, there are a number of photos on this page. It is a Seasonal Monster. We have 9 images relating to How To Breed Punkleton, including images, photos, backdrops, and more. Add Bay Yolal as your best friend and enter the referral code displayed.

There were sales every week for. Breeding time for Punkleton is 18 hours, but 13 and a half hours with an enhanced breeding structure. The Epic Punkleton was only available in October. It was included during the 341 on April 13, 2022.

How hard is it to breed punkleton

If you already possess a Punkleton and wish to obtain another, you should attempt to mate it with another seasonal monster. Breeding a Punkleton with a regular monster is possible, but the likelihood of producing another Punkleton is minimal. When bred with another seasonal monster, the likelihood of producing a Punkleton substantially increases.

Here is a list of possible seasonal monsters that are compatible with Punkleton:

  • Gobbleygourd
  • Clavavera
  • Viveine Jam Boree
  • Carillong Whiz-bang
  • Monculus
  • Ffidyll Boo’qwurm
  • Spurrit

Once you have obtained a Punkleton, place it near its preferred decorations and creatures, which are:

Forte Tower Shrubb Spooktacle Path Tree Smunkin Patch Beeyoot Tree

Punkleton generates quite a few cash when it is at its happiest, therefore it is in your best interest to make it as content as possible.

Best way to breed punkleton

On Plant Island, the best way to breed a Punkleton is by mixing a Bowgart and a T-Rox. On Seasonal Shanty, it may also be bred by pairing a Punkleton with another Seasonal monster or a Rare Punkleton.

The default breeding time for Punkletons is 18 hours. If improved, breeding takes only 13 hours and 30 minutes. It can be purchased for 225 diamonds on Plant Island and 500 diamonds on Seasonal Shanty. However, breeding and buying are only permitted during certain events.

Breeding is essential in My Singing Monsters, a mobile game where you can amass a little army of different monsters, especially if you want to obtain the rare ones. Check out our My Singing Monsters breeding guide if you’re playing the game to learn how to produce the best monsters and ultimately acquire those elusive special monsters.

While it’s quite simple to get your initial monsters with cash, you’ll need to explore if you want to expand your collection and acquire the rarer dual- and triple-element monsters. Fortunately, our My Singing Monsters breeding guide is here to help and will explain everything in detail. Check out our articles on Genshin Impact codes and Genshin Impact events for other helpful advice on mobile games.

Breeding in my singing monster can be intimidating, as there are so many possible outcomes, and it takes a great deal of effort to uncover the monsters in each location. You begin with monsters with a single element; as you breed them, they produce monsters with two elements, which can subsequently produce monsters with three or more components. Experimenting with the various monsters is a terrific way to obtain some of them, but if you want to gather all of them, then our guide to the breeding combinations will enable you view all of those adorable tiny creatures.

Once you have unlocked a monster, you can purchase it, making it much simpler to obtain additional specimens for breeding. Eggs require a certain amount of time to hatch, which increases with the rarity of the monster, but you can minimize this time as you gain levels and discover ways to improve it.

My Singing Monsters natural breeding

Monster Element Class Cost Breeding combination Breeding time
Noggin Earth Natural 300 coins N/A Five seconds
Mammott Cold Natural 300 coins N/A Two minutes
Toe Jammer Water Natural 250 coins N/A One minute
Potbelly Plant Natural 250 coins N/A Two hours
Tweedle Air Natural 300 coins N/A Four hours
Kayna Fire Natural Ten relics N/A Seven hours
Drumpler Earth / Cold Natural 30 diamonds Noggin & Mammott 30 minutes
Fwog Earth / Water Natural 30 diamonds Noggin & Toe Jammer 30 minutes
Maw Cold / Water Natural 30 diamonds Toe Jammer & Mammott 30 minutes
Shrubb Earth / Plant Natural 30 diamonds Potbelly & Noggin Eight hours
Furcorn Cold / Plant Natural 30 diamonds Potbelly & Mammott Eight hours
Oaktopus Water / Plant Natural 30 diamonds Potbelly & Toe Jammer Eight hours
Dandidoo Air / Plant Natural 30 diamonds Tweedle & Potbelly Eight hours
Pango Air / Cold Natural 30 diamonds Tweedle & Mammott Eight hours
Quibble Air / Water Natural 30 diamonds Tweedle & Toe Jammer Eight hours
Cybop Air / Earth Natural 30 diamonds Tweedle & Noggin Eight hours
Stogg Earth / Fire Natural 50 relics Noggin & Kayna Ten hours
Flowah Plant / Fire Natural 50 relics Potbelly & Kayna Ten hours
Glowl Air / Fire Natural 50 relics Tweedle & Kayna Ten hours
Phangler Water / Fire Natural 50 relics Toe Jammer & Kayna Ten hours
Boskus Cold / Fire Natural 50 relics Mammott & Kayna Ten hours
T-Rox Rock / Water / Cold Natural 50 diamonds Noggin & Maw / Toe Jammer & Drumpler / Mammott & Fwog Eight hours
Pummel Plant / Earth / Water Natural 50 diamonds Potbelly & Fwog / Noggin & Oaktopus / Toe Jammer & Shrubb 12 hours
Clamble Plant / Earth / Cold Natural 50 diamonds Potbelly & Drumpler / Noggin & Furcorn / Mammott & Shrubb One hour
Bowgart Plant / Water / Cold Natural 50 diamonds Potbelly & Maw / Toe Jammer & Furcorn / Mammott & Oaktopus 12 hours
Spunge Air / Plant / Water Natural 50 diamonds Toe Jammer & Dandidoo / Potbelly & Quibble / Tweedle & Oaktopus 12 hours
Thumpies Air / Plant / Cold Natural 50 diamonds Mammot & Dandidoo / Potbelly & Pango / Tweedle & Furcorn 12 hours
Congle Air / Water / Cold Natural 50 diamonds Tweedle & Maw / Toe Jammer & Pango / Mammott & Quibble 12 hours
PomPom Air / Earth / Cold Natural 50 diamonds Noggin & Pango / Mammott & Cybop / Tweedle & Drumpler 12 hours
Scups Air / Earth / Water Natural 50 diamonds Tweedle & Fwog / Noggin & Quibble / Toe Jammer & Cybop 12 hours
Reedling Air / Earth / Plant Natural 50 diamonds Noggin & Dandidoo / Potbelly & Cybop / Tweedle & Shrubb 12 hours
Repatillo Plant / Earth / Fire Natural 100 relics Kayna & Shrubb / Noggin & Flowah / Potbelly & Stogg 20 hours
Floogull Air / Earth / Fire Natural 100 relics Kayna & Cybop / Noggin & Glowl / Tweedle & Stogg 20 hours
Barrb Air / Plant / Fire Natural 100 relics Kayna & Dandidoo / Potbelly & Glowl / Tweedle & Flowah 20 hours
Whaddle Air / Water / Fire Natural 100 relics Kayna & Quibble / Toe Jammer & Glowl / Tweedle & Phangler 20 hours
Woolabee Air / Cold / Fire Natural 100 relics Kayna & Pango / Mammott & Glowl / Tweedle & Boskus 20 hours
Wynq Water / Cold / Fire Natural 100 relics Kayna & maw / Toe Jammer & Boskus / Mammott & Phangler 20 hours
Sooza Plant / Cold / Fire Natural 100 relics Mammott & Flowah / Potbelly & Boskus / Kayna & Furcorn 20 hours
Rootitoot Plant / Water / Fire Natural 100 relics Kayna & Oaktopus / Toe Jammer & Flowah / Potbelly & Phangler 20 hours
Ziggarub Earth / Cold / Fire Natural 100 relics Drumpler & Kayna / Mammott & Stogg / Noggin & Boskus 20 hours
Thrumble Earth / Water / Fire Natural 100 relics Fwog & Kayna / Stogg & Toe Jammer / Phangler & Noggin 20 hours
Entbrat Plant / Earth / Water / Cold Natural 150 diamonds Potbelly & T-Rox / Noggin & Bowgart / Toe Jammer & Clamble / Mammott & Pummel One day
Deedge Air / Plant / Water / Cold Natural 150 diamonds Toe Jammer & thumpies / Mammot & Spunge / Potbelly & Congle / Tweedle & Bowgart One day
Riff Air / Earth / Water / Cold Natural 150 diamonds Noggin & Congle / Toe Jammer & Pompom / Mammott & Scups / Tweedle & T-Rox One day
Shellbeat Air / Plant / Earth / Water Natural 150 diamonds Noggin & Spunge / Toe Jammer & Reedling / Potbelly & Scups / Tweedle & Pummel One day
Quarrister Air / Plant / Earth / Cold Natural 150 diamonds Noggin & Thumpies / Mammott & Reedling / Potbelly & Pompom / Tweedle & Clamble One day
Tring Air / Plant / Earth / Fire Natural 200 relics Noggin & Barrb / Potbelly & Floogull / Tweedle & Repatillo / Kayna & Reedling One day, 16 hours
Sneyser Air / Water / Cold / Fire Natural 200 relics Toe jammer & Woolabee / Mammott & Whaddle / Tweedle & Wynq / Kayna & Congle One day, 16 hours
Yelmut Air / Plant / Cold / Fire Natural 30 relics N/A One day, 16 hours
Flum Ox Air / Earth / Water / Fire Natural 30 relics N/A One day, 16 hours
Krillby Air / Earth / Cold / Fire Natural 30 relics N/A One day, 16 hours
Edamimi Plant / Earth / Water / Fire Natural 30 relics N/A One day, 16 hours
PongPing Plant / Earth / Cold / Fire Natural 30 relics N/A One day, 16 hours
Tiawa Earth / Water / Cold / Fire Natural 30 relics N/A One day, 16 hours
Bisonorus Air / Plant / Water / Fire Natural 30 relics N/A One day, 16 hours
Incisaur Plant / Water / Cold / Fire Natural 30 relics N/A One day, 16 hours
Candelavra Air / Plant / Earth / Water / Fire Natural 40 relics N/A Three days, eight hours

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