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HomeBank 5.5.2 for Windows

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Description:Track your expenses, accounts and payees, analyze your financial activity and carefully manage your budget with this handy utility
Version:HomeBank 5.5.2
File name:HomeBank-5.5.2-setup.exe
File size:
18.3 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10 32/64 bit
Windows 8 32/64 bit
Windows 7 32/64 bit
Updated on:May 8, 2021
Downloaded:4,842 times
Developer:Maxime Doyen


is a software application that helps you manage personal accounts and expenses.
The program is easy to use with the graphs and custom filters, which are designed to give you an overview
The menu allows you to manage the financial data for multiple accounts. In addition, all of the important data will display in three smaller windows, that show detailed information about your accounts, top 5 spendings and scheduled transactions over a maximum period of one year or smaller time frames.
In order to better see your income and expenses, an account is recommended to be created. After setting it up, financial data can be added and the program will display in real time the available funds, so you will know anytime how the money is spent.
With the help of the import assistant, important bank data can be included in the application using formats like QIF, QFX and CSV.
The export function will create a QIF file in the location you specify.
If it is required you can make the data anonymous to keep a low profile and protect it from unauthorized usage.
Payees, categories and assignments can also be organized in various data fields.
Scheduled transactions can be added if you want to input your future spendings.
Whenever needed, reports can be generated to view the statistics using different graphs and filters. In the following step you can export a CSV report if you need it for archiving or printing.
“Trend Time Report”
will display the months of the year, along with available funds for that month.
Using the balance and budget reports, the present and past financial situation is shown.
Another feature worth mentioning is the “Vehicle Cost” that allows you to see how much money
for transportation.
is a useful software application perfect for users in need of assistance with finances and an overall view on total income and expenses.

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