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HJ Split for Windows

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HJ Split

Operating System:Microsoft Windows
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It’s not such a long time that you had to split big files into little ones to store them in your diskettes. Nowadays, that’s not so usual thanks to high capacity pen drives and other storing devices.

Although pen drives can store big files with no problem, it’s not only once that haven’t been able to send a file to a friend by e-mail because it weighted too much. Don’t worry, HJSplit is the solution for those problems.

It’s very easy-to-use. you only have to specify the size of the parts and HJSplit will do the rest.

Ok, when you’ll run it you’ll realize that is not the best design ever, but it works extremely well and fast, so, don’t hesitate, download it and start sharing big files again. Your friends will only have to join the split files again and that’s all.

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