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Highlight 1.5 for MAC

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Description:A drawing tool to highlight any area onscreen
Operating System:MacOS
Added date:Dec 31rd, 2009
Author:Nicolas Zinovieff


Highlight is a drawing tool you can use during demonstrations to emphasize a certain area on your screen.

Draw freehand or combine your mouse movements with a series of keys to get various geometric shapes: rectangles, circles, lines, etc.

The possible key combinations include:

-Press Shift to draw a rectangle.

-Press Alt to draw a circle.

-Press Control to draw a line.

-Press Control Shift to draw horizontal or vertical lines.

-Press Delete to erase the latest shape drawn.

-Press Apple K to clear the screen.

In the options panel on Highlights you can set the width and color of the brush, as well as show or hide a panel displaying the active drawing mode.

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