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High Quality Audio Player MP3 – My MP3 Player 2020

High Quality Audio Player MP3 - My MP3 Player 2020 image

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High Quality Audio Player MP3 – My MP3 Player 2020

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Operating System:Android
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Author / Developer:NN Centrex Solutions


Music player mp3 is one of the best music players for android. Mp3 song player make you to listen all songs in folder which you want to listen without any distortion. Free Music player download and listen songs in manners you want to listen on latest mp3 player music. Rather than searching haphazardly music songs in your folder, find in music library or music playlist of audio mp3 player 2020. Audio player download and with remarkable features enjoy latest music songs on free music player. Audio mp3 player has fabulous features to play music .
Free Music player library
Music library of mp3 audio player is vast in its functionality; interestingly you can get all recent songs played on best mp3 player. You can adjust songs in album series, like song of one movie would be adjusted in album sequences. Moreover, you can get artist name of songs in folders on music library. Mp3 song player sometimes depict name of artist of certain song in music library of Mp3 player.
Audio player favorite’s song list
Amazingly, audio mp3 player add most played songs in music playlist. You can add your favorite songs in audio player favorites list. Audio mp3 player has marvelous functionality of sleep timer.
Audio player Sleep Timer
If user of mp3 player music wants to adjust specific time limit for any song to play, he can adjust certain time limit for songs on sleep timer. Like if user of best mp3 player adjust music time limit of half an hour on audio player sleep timer then after half an hour mp3 song player would stop mp3 player music.
Mp3 player music equalizer
Mp3 song player has incredible feature of music equalizer. You can adjust any type for your song from certain options like normal, classical, hip hop, pop, jazz, rock, dance or flat, custom and heavy metal etc. Music player mp3 adjust song frequency according to option user would select, like if user select jazz type for song to be played, music player mp3 would bring certain amendments like frequency of music. On music player mp3 equalizer you can adjust bass music quality, music virtual and music loudness.
Mp3 audio player Settings
On free music player mp3 settings you can adjust screen theme like dark them, black theme throughout the app as you want. Further you can change primary theme color and accent theme color from available colors on personalization setting of mp3 player. Moreover, status bar color and navigation bar color can be adjusted from setting of system UI color of mp3 audio player. From free music player mp3 settings you can hide notifications of music player or hide lock screen media player. On Metadata setting of mp3 audio player you may clear recent played and saved music. Floating widget can be hide and shown on free music player mp3. On showing floating widget on music player you can rotate it anywhere.

Share best mp3 player
Share free music player app by source of any sharing app to your contacts. Audio player mp3 allows you to share high quality player of mp3 song player to your friends.

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