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Helo (GameLoop) for Windows

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App Name

Helo (GameLoop)

Description:Fun videos from your PC
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Sep 7th, 2021


The GameLoop tool from Tencent lets you run Android video games and apps on your PC. This installer downloads its own emulator with the Helo app, allowing it to open in Windows by adapting its keyboard and mouse controls. No special knowledge is required, as the app automatically installs everything you need to play.

Helo (GameLoop) is a tool with which you can watch loads of short videos from different topics. Thanks to a simple interface, it’ll be easy to look at all the content shared by other users or upload it yourself.

You have your own profile in Helo (GameLoop) that lets you control who you follow. From here, you can also check your own feed to rewatch any videos you posted. Either way, from the main screen, you can scroll to find content from different themes that the app recommends to you based on your tastes.

Tapping each of the available videos in Helo (GameLoop) will give you access to different options. Not only can you play any content in a matter of seconds, but the tool itself also lets you download and store content in your smartphone’s gallery. This is so you can reshare it with your contacts if you need it at any given time.

Additionally, Helo (GameLoop) has a section where you can message other users privately. This lets you chat with other people who might share the same tastes and interests as you. In short, this is one of those platforms that gives you loads of content just by scrolling. All while you can comment on or like any post as if it were another social media platform.

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