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HDHomeRun 20210301 / 20210501 Beta 1 / 11.1.317.0 Store App for Windows

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Description:An application that connects to HDHomeRun TV tuners and helps you broadcast live TV channels streams using your computer and a media player
Version:HDHomeRun 20210301 / 20210501 Beta 1 / 11.1.317.0 Store App
File name:hdhomerun_windows_20210301.exe
File size:
103 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10 32/64 bit
Windows 8 32/64 bit
Windows 7 32/64 bit
Updated on:May 28, 2021
Downloaded:6,752 times


is especially designed for those who own a HDHomeRun TV tuner and want to use it in order to redirect the television signal to the computer. The application is capable of connecting to the TV tuner and sending the signal to a media player, allowing you to watch TV channels on the PC screen.
The application is intuitive enough to allow beginner users configure it without encountering any problems. One of its most important advantages is related to the variate range of media players that it is compatible with.
Some of the titles are
Windows Media Center
XBMC Media Center
For the Record
J. River Media Center
and the list does not end here. As for the previewing program, HDHomeRun can use the HDHomeRun QuickTv (an application that comes bundled within the package), VideoLAN
Windows Media Player
The configuration procedure is simple and shouldn’t take too much time to complete. At first launch, the program automatically scans for finding available TV tuners, displaying their name, the source type and their status.
HDHomeRun features dynamic tuner allocation, which means that it is capable of automatically selecting a device from the available tuners. It can be set to exchange information with the Silicondust lineup server and remove the channels that are not found during the scan process.
HDHomeRun TV tuners allow content streaming within a network and across various devices. The HDHomeRun application is required for sending the signal to the computer.
With the help of this application, you can stream live TV to one of the installed media players, provided you have a HDHomeRun TV tuner. It allows PC-based playback of TV channels, helping you turn the PC into a television set.

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