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Hardwipe 5.2.1 for Windows

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Description:Delete files permanently
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Mar 19th, 2020
Author:Big Angry Dog


When we delete files or programs from our HD, those files usually leave traces of their existence. By that way, we can recover them if we delete them by mistake. That can be useful, but although dangerous if you don’t want others to access those deleted files.

If you want to delete them and make them inaccessible by anyway, you can use HardWipe.

The interface of the program is quite simple, clean and effective. The left column features basic actions such as eliminate files and folders, delete disks and purge free space, while in the rest of the window we can see all necessary stuff to do it.

You can control what you do until that exact moment you click OK, because, from then on, that information you have decided to delete will be inaccessible by any way.

Hardwipe can be very useful for those users who don’t want to have their files exposed to other users, even if they decide to recover deleted files. Total protection for your privacy.

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