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Hamster Village 1.7.4 for Android

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App Name

Hamster Village

Description:Take charge of this town full of hamsters
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:May 31rd, 2021
Author:NLABSOFT Co., Ltd.


Hamster Village is a strategy-based game that puts you in charge of a village inhabited by some adorable little hamsters. In order to be the best leader you can be, you have to invest the coins you earn from the raw materials you find in your village.

The graphics are one of the things about Hamster Village that really stands out. At all times, you can see each one of these little creatures going about their day in three-dimensional settings. Thanks to this factor, you’ll have an easy time keeping an eye on each nook and cranny of this universe that’s jam-packed with elements to build and challenges to overcome.

On the right side of the screen, you can see all the resources you collect. From there, you can select the buildings you’re going to build and you’ll also see the new hamsters that you can add to your village. Each one of these animals has its own specific characteristics that will have their own impact on each round.

Hamster Village offers eye-catching graphics and a gameplay that lets you gradually evolve this village as you go. By adding new animals to your town and constructing buildings, you’ll have to make sure all your hamsters live in harmony and enjoy each new element you unlock.

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