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Hakchi2 2.32 for Windows

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Description:Tool to install ROMs on your Super Nintendo Mini
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Aug 27th, 2020


Hakchi2 is a program that helps you install new ROMs on your Super Nintendo Mini, in a comfortable, quick and safe way. The program includes a tutorial which will help guide you the necessary setup steps: connect the console to your computer and click the ‘start’ and ‘reset’ buttons.

One of the best features of Hakchi2 is its super intuitive interface. Adding ROMs is as simple as clicking on the ‘add more games’ button and selecting the ROMs that you want to introduce. From its own interface you can also add a cover, specify the number of players and even add details such as the release date and the maker.

Once you’re done adding the ROMs to your Super Nintendo Mini, just click on the ‘synchronize’ button. You then have to follow a brief tutorial and your tiny console will be ready to be used and enjoyed.

Hakchi2 is a tool that’s pretty much a must-have for any Super Nintendo Mini user that wants to add a few new games to their console. It is important to keep in mind that although this is a pretty easy to use program, it could damage your console if you’re not careful.

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