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Hair Challenge 4.0.3 for Android

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Hair Challenge screenshot 2

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App Name

Hair Challenge

Description:Make it to the finish line with your flowing mane

Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Aug 31rd, 2021
Author:Rollic Games


Hair Challenge is a funny casual videogame where players control a girl whose hair grows as she goes around ‘eating’ the wigs she finds on her way. Your goal is to reach the final level with the longest hair possible while following a path full of saws that are ready to chop off any hair they touch.

The way Hair Challenge works is as follows: throughout your journey, you will find wigs that, when you pass over them, will increase the length of your character’s hair (and also change the color). Along the way, there are also different obstacles whose aim is to cut off your character’s hair. At the end, you will get extra points if you have managed to reach the finish line with long hair (that will be measured before proceeding to the next level).

To control your Rapunzel, simply swipe your finger on the screen when you want her to move from one side to another. She will walk automatically, and your job is to make sure she walks over as many colored wigs as possible while, at the same time, dodging the saws that threaten to chop off her hair.

Hair Challenge is a surprisingly addictive game with a very fun premise.

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