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GunGirl 2 for Windows

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GunGirl 2

Operating System:Microsoft Windows
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GunGirl 2 is a 2D action-platform game, in which players control GunGirl (the blond girl) or GunDude (the guy with the goatee) in a bloody and violent, zombie filled adventure.

The game puts you right in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, in which the dead have begun to rise from their graves. Your mission: to kill all the undead, and make it down to hell itself where you can put an end to the whole affair for good.

During the adventure, you not only get several different weapons (six in total), but can also gain experience used to improve your character. You can increase your life bar or improve the performance of your weapons (increase the ammo, power, etc.).

In addition to the main mission, GunGirl has several side quests that allow you to explore some of the other scenarios in the game, and kill dozens more enemies. All in all, there enough quests to play for five or six hours without getting bored.

GunGirl 2 is an outstanding 2D action game, which outperforms the first instalment in every respect. It has better gameplay, better graphics and a longer lifespan: a really great free game.

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