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Griffith for MAC

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If you’re a huge movie buff with more films than you can keep track of, and you don’t know how to find one specifically — Griffith is here to help.

Just by reading this program’s title, you know it was made for movie fans. It’s named after one of the first and greatest film directors in the history of cinema.

Griffith is a complete app that lets you create a database with all your movies in any format, DVD, VHS, and VCD, etc. This program establishes a collection that works much like a catalogue where each movie has information already stored on it. Just by typing in the title, you’ll be able to connect to one of the online databases allowing you to obtain and add all kinds of information in terms of titles, directors cast, etc..

All this data is easily exported to HTML web format or PDF documents. It also includes a lightweight tool that lets you easily keep track of any movies you’ve lent out so you won’t lose any of your movies.

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