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Grids 7.0.15 for Windows

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Description:Instagram client for your desktop
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Sep 7th, 2021
Author:ThinkTime Creations


Grids is a desktop client for Instagram that shows you the posts of the people you follow, allowing you to like them or leave comments. However, it doesn’t let you upload any pictures from your computer.

Grids’s elegant, good looking interface displays the posts of the people you follow in a simple grid. With just a click, you can make a picture or video bigger in order to like it or leave a comment. Grids’s options allow you to adjust the size of the pictures, play back videos automatically, and change the background color. You can also turn on the application’s notifications.

Grids is a great Instagram client for Windows. Even if the unpaid version doesn’t offer all the features (for example, the tag search option), it does offer the most important ones. You’ll be able to look at and comment on your friends’ posts and manage your own account.

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