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Gravity Brawl 1.4.4 for Android

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App Name

Gravity Brawl

Description:Go head-to-head with another shooter in zero gravity
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Aug 26th, 2021
Author:Yellow Tie Games


See if you can defeat enemies in outer space in the entertaining real-time battle game Gravity Brawl. This time, you’ll have to battle enemies in outer space with just one weapon and one skill to help you. Not only that, but aiming in outer space is more difficult than you’d expect. Are you up to the challenge?

To win these fast-paced battles, aim carefully and hit your enemy with bullets to take away all their life points… before they do the same to you. Each fighter in Gravity Brawl has unique skills and traits, so learn your opponent’s weaknesses and choose your character wisely to get the upper hand in battle.

Using your moves carefully is essential in zero gravity. While your jetpack has limited energy and sometimes needs to recharge, your enemies never stop firing. Move from side to side while keeping an eye on your remaining energy, and aim carefully in this unpredictable environment to defeat the other fighters.

When you win games, you’ll get prizes that you can use to upgrade your fighters and unlock new ones. Each fighter has a different number of health and attack points, and well as a unique -and very powerful- special attack. As you level up you’ll get more health, defense, and firing power, so level up as much as you can to give yourself an advantage over your enemies.

On top of all that, Gravity Brawl has entertaining multiplayer game modes. Join your friends and play in teams or let all players fight for themselves as you put your skills to the test in zero-gravity. Check out Gravity Brawl and fight in thrilling battles with other players or alone.

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