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Description:Developers get to build DirectShow graphs and test their validity by using this feature-packed application that is a fork of GraphStudio
File name:graphstudionext.exe
File size:
4 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 11
Windows 10 32/64 bit
Windows 8 32/64 bit
Windows 7 32/64 bit
Updated on:December 6, 2021
Downloaded:1,841 times
Developer:ccc software gmbh


is an application specifically created for tech-savvy users who want to generate DirectShow graphs and test them within the same UI. It started as a fork of
, and it adds some extra options for optimizing the entire workflow.
Considering the expert skills it requires and the lack of offline documentation, novices will most likely have a hard time making the most of this application.
The first step in enjoying the feature-set of this utility is to load a compatible source file, be it a GraphEdit one (GRF), XML, GRFX, audio or video. Multiple multimedia formats are supported, yet you need to make sure you have the dedicated codecs installed before processing them.
When it comes to opening any supported project, you can manually browse to its location via the dedicated menu or toolbar icon, or you can drag and drop the items onto the main window.
As soon as you load a multimedia file, it is automatically analysed, and you get a detailed overview of its filters. Right-clicking any of the displayed boxes provides you with additional options, such as exploring the properties, deleting the current item or reconnecting pins.
Not only can you rearrange the said boxes or examine them in a dedicated window, but you can also export the entire rendering as GRF, GRFX or XML.
GraphStudioNext makes it possible for you to increase or decrease the horizontal and vertical spacing values, as well a the filter wrap width.
When it comes to watching the video, you can toggle play and pause, enter full-screen mode and jump forward or back with a few seconds. Regardless of the action you select, it comes associated with a hotkey that can speed up your workflow.
All in all, the application is the go-to solution for all those who want to create DirectShow graphs or open existing ones and test them.

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