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Glary Utilities for Windows

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Glary Utilities

Description:Complete maintenance tools suite
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:May 31rd, 2021


As time goes by, and with continuous use of your PC, the day comes which your system begins displaying general instability, low performance, and a reduction in available disk space available without you ever really knowing what it is that is taking up all that space. Glary Utilities is here in order to help you improve your computer’s performance, this is an excellent set of utilities developed for you to optimize your system’s speed, keep it clean, and protect it.

Glary Utilities is different from most because it comes with a structure that includes several sections and in which each one corresponds to a specific function; it includes over 20 different kinds of utilities. What’s really interesting is that you can either personally check any issues with each tool, or you can use the automatic ‘one-click maintenance’ system.

Some of the utilities it comes with are a Windows registry cleaner, a search tool for trash files in your disc, a cleaner for unnecessary or malicious plugins and extensions on your browser, a Malware search tool, a history and temporary internet files cleaner, control for programs that start running with your system star-up, a back-up copy creation tool, a hard drive analyzer, a drivers and controls search tool, a recovery tool for files that were eliminated by mistake, and a program uninstaller.

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