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GitHub Notifier for Chrome for Windows

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GitHub Notifier for Chrome

Description:Stay in touch with all the latest updates that occur on Github with this neat notification extension for the Google Chrome browser
Version:GitHub Notifier for Chrome
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Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:April 6, 2021
Downloaded:881 times
Developer:Sindre Sorhus


GitHub is a web-based hosting service for version control using Git and is mostly used for computer code. But those of you who know very well what GitHub is, you know it as the place where you can host all the programs you create.
Given that GitHub usually hosts programs that aren’t as advertised as those that have their website, it is easy to have the last versions of whatever program you are using that is hosted there to slip under the radar.
That is why a neat extension such as 
GitHub Notifier for Chrome
can come in handy, as it checks the GitHub Notifications API every minute, allowing you to always be in touch with the latest developments out there.
Because of the nature of this extension, it will require that you grant it access to your browsing history and cookies, so that it may see exactly all the GitHub-related data that is already stored. More so, the first time you click on the extension icon, it will ask you for access to browser tabs so that it may know if there is already an opened GitHub notifications page and switch to it if so.
Like many other websites and services, you can also use GitHub Notifier for Chrome to get notifications straight to your desktop, so you don’t have to have the GitHub page opened 24/7, thus allowing you to freely browse without the constant need to check up from once in a while.
Despite the scanning frequency of the extension, it doesn’t seem to increase Google Chrome’s memory usage any more than usual, making it a memory-efficient solution.
Regardless if you’re a developer that hosts his work on GitHub, or are just a user that downloads programs from the website, you will definitely find a use for GitHub Notifier for Chrome, allowing you to be constantly up-to-date with the latest changes that occur.

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