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get2Clouds® 1.1.86 for Android

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Description:Store and manage your files on the cloud
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Aug 28th, 2021
Author:NOS Microsystems Ltd


Get2Clouds is a great file storage tool for anyone who prefers to keep their documents uploaded to the cloud.

Get2Clouds offers a ton of different features. For one, it helps you manage all your files and documents on the cloud. You can delete files, copy them, move them, and encrypt them to keep them secure. You can also add a password to any file you want. Plus, you can generate links to share files with other users, send large documents, etc. You can also take advantage of its private messaging service to communicate with your contacts and send files quickly and easily.

One interesting feature offered by Get2Clouds is that you can use two different profiles. So you can keep your personal files separate from your work files, or share documents without having to start a session with a different account.

Get2Clouds is a great app for storing and managing files on the cloud, helping you keep all of your files safe and accessible from any device.

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