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[Game] White Tiger Family Sim Online for Windows

White Tiger Family Sim Online

Game Preview

Raise your FamilyTake care of CubsMake Friends OnlineUpqrade your HomeGame Play Hunt with FamilyGame Play very Fun !Explore as CubTake care of CubsRaise your FamilyUpqrade your HomeMake Friends OnlineGame Play Hunt with FamilyExplore as CubGame Play very Fun !
Game title

White Tiger Family Sim Online

Type:Users Interact
Category:Action & adventure
File size: 6/14/2018
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Released: 6/14/2018

System Requirements

Your device must meet all minimum requirements to open this product
OSXbox One, Windows 10 version 10240.0 or higher
ArchitectureARM, x64, x86

Your device should meet these requirements for the best experience
OSXbox One, Windows 10 version 10240.0 or higher
ArchitectureARM, x64, x86


Have you ever wondering how to be a real White Tiger? Live the wildlife of the white tiger in a new White Tiger Family Sim Online. Explore huge 3d.

Find your partner to start a family and breed cubs to the world. Teach them how to hunt and survive into the wild. Build beautiful home by decoration it with more than 40 unique elements including orc.

Main Features:

White Tiger Family Sim – Raise A Family:

– Find soulmate
– Breed cubs
– Teach cubs how to survive into the wild
– Let them go when the time will come

Beautiful home to live:

– Beautiful home to raise your family
– More than 40 unique decoration elements

RPG style and challenging quests:

– Earn XP and coins by completing quests
– Enlarge your attack health and mana power from skill points
– Unlock special attacks like sniper and slash


– Challenging other players with global leaderboards

Huge 3d world to explore:

– Snow Forest is the main location where white tigers live
– Go to Desert location to hunt African animals
– In Green Forest, you will hunt down deer and leopards
– Shiny Island will teleport you into the summer

Online Mode:

– Strong bosses are waiting for you
– Cooperate with your friends to take down enemies
– Chat and become friends online

Download now and start raising your White Tiger Family Sim today!

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