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[Game] Cops Vs Robbers Prison Escape for Windows

Cops Vs Robbers Prison Escape

Game Preview

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Game title

Cops Vs Robbers Prison Escape

Type:In-Game Purchases
Category:Action & adventure
File size:
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Released: 4/5/2018

System Requirements

Your device must meet all minimum requirements to open this product
OSXbox One, Windows 10 version 10240.0 or higher
ArchitectureARM, x64, x86
KeyboardIntegrated Keyboard
MouseIntegrated Mouse
DirectXVersion 11
Memory2 GB
Video Memory1 GB
TouchNot specified
ProcessorIntel Core i3 (2 GHz) or similar

Your device should meet these requirements for the best experience
OSXbox One, Windows 10 version 10240.0 or higher
ArchitectureARM, x64, x86
KeyboardNot specified
MouseNot specified
DirectXVersion 11
Memory4 GB
Video Memory1 GB
TouchIntegrated Touch
ProcessorIntel i5-2300 (2.8 GHz) or similar


Explore the terror of an unlawful world in Cops & Robbers Prison Escape where survival is the only option among the deadly enemies.

This game lets you enter a match of survival death where you can experience an explosive first person shooter. You need to face powerful and lethal enemies, thereby witnessing the deadly unlawful world. The enemies have survival as the last choice and they do not stop for anything. They continue to eradicate anything that comes in their way, including you. You will, however, be equipped with deadly weapons to fight with the enemies and win the game. The game becomes more enjoying at the 3rd level as speed, health and ammo pickups assist you.

About the game:
The advanced levels of the game are highly enormous and several exciting features enhance the excitement. There are various weapons, fast-paced shooter action, enemy clans which you can utilize for winning the game. This may cause the loading time to be a little more.

You have to undergo extreme circumstances as deadly foes swarm through the advanced city. You have to figure out your path amidst the high-security prisons where a huge number of enemies will attack you in every possible way. If you love thrilling and challenging action games, this is for you. The user-friendly controls, HD pixel graphics helps in easing the hurdles and challenges of the game. These makes the navigation across different levels of the game free from hassles and you can continue to play with keen interest. The first person shooter comes with high definition pixel graphics which make the game really interesting.

Features of the game:

• An array of high-speed pickups, health, and ammo.
• Dealing damage with the aid of hand-to-hand combat.
• A collection of firearm weapons and melee.
• Game progression to witness the increase in enemy and reduction in pickups.
• Three real challenging levels.
• Fast paced shooter action
• Infinite enemy clans
• An identity map having a real-time view to maintain an eye on the upcoming enemies

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