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[Game] Basketball NBA LIVE for Windows

Basketball NBA LIVE

Game Preview

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Game title

Basketball NBA LIVE

File size:
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Released: 1/2/2020

System Requirements

Your device must meet all minimum requirements to open this product
OSWindows 10 version 10240.0 or higher
DirectXVersion 10

Your device should meet these requirements for the best experience
OSWindows 10 version 10240.0 or higher
DirectXNot specified


Basketball NBA LIVE is the world’s best Basketball game! It’s arcade style basketball battling fun! Work together with your team to score the ball!

Play Basketbal NBA live ! Slam, dunk and be the champion in Basketball ! Drag your mouse in a circular motion to move around the playground. The objective is to reach the green area before the basket to dunk. But be careful, your opponents are after the same thing! To keep the Basketball NBA Live is totally free and requires no registration!

Basketball NBA Live is the ultimate basketball simulation. Dribble, shoot, score, WIN! Grab the ball and run it to the hoop! You can play as shooter and defender. Just grab the ball and run until you get to the hoop and do a perfect slam! Defend by smashing and blocking the opponents trying to steal the ball from your team. Beat your opponent team by scoring more before the time ends! Absolute fun and adrenaline for you as you take on the world with basketball nba live!

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