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[Game] ⋆Mahjong 4+ for iOS

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[Game] ⋆Mahjong 4+ for iOS image

Game Preview

  • [Game] ⋆Mahjong 4+ for iOS image

  • [Game] ⋆Mahjong 4+ for iOS image

  • [Game] ⋆Mahjong 4+ for iOS image

  • [Game] ⋆Mahjong 4+ for iOS image

  • [Game] ⋆Mahjong 4+ for iOS image

  • [Game] ⋆Mahjong 4+ for iOS image

  • [Game] ⋆Mahjong 4+ for iOS image

  • [Game] ⋆Mahjong 4+ for iOS image

  • [Game] ⋆Mahjong 4+ for iOS image

Game title



Type: Classic Mahjong Puzzle Game

File size:483.4 MB
Version:Version 1.0.4
Operating System:iOS

Brainium Studios LLC

  • Free
  • Offers In-App Purchases
Age rating:4+

Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Requires iPadOS 11.0 or later.
iPod touch
Requires iOS 11.0 or later.


Mahjong by Brainium has elevated the relaxing tile match game you know and love, with clean, modern design, smooth animations, and calming sounds. Unwind and reward yourself with this free to play classic Mahjong solitaire from the studio behind the most beautiful, trusted, and top-rated casual games in the App Store.

Featuring a variety of puzzles to match any skill level and intuitive controls, Mahjong by Brainium is the most user-friendly and visually appealing version available.

Leave stress behind as you solve puzzles and earn crowns to unlock new tile sets, game boards, and backgrounds. Mix and match them to suit any mood. Endless personalization lets you create your own Zen escape while sharpening your mind.

Unlock and play using the captivating Color Tile set for a truly unique Mahjong experience.

All Brainium Mahjong games are winnable, so we designed a fast and fun undo system that makes retracing your path through the game a delight. So, challenge yourself and find the solution to every puzzle.

How to play:

Match identical tiles. A tile is playable if it is open on the left or right and isn’t covered by another tile. A season tile can be paired with any other season tile. Similarly, a flower tile can be paired with any other flower tile. Continue paring tiles to clear the board and your mind!


• Classic calming gameplay

• Daily puzzle challenges

• Level ups to unlock content

• 7 gorgeous tile sets, including traditional Mahjong styles

• 22 brain training board shapes

• 10 tranquil backgrounds

• Every puzzle is solvable

• Undo slider to retrace your steps when you reach a blocked path

• Game Statistics to track progress

• Hint button to help with challenging puzzles

• Games generated using random winnable shuffles

• Show playable tiles option for more casual play

• Timer option

• Dark Mode compatible, perfect for unwinding before bed

• iPhone and iPad support

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We love our players. Contact our Five Star support with your questions regarding Mahjong:

[email protected]

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