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Frink 2021-09-17 for Windows

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Description:A simple to use tool that allows you to track measurement units such as feet, meters, kilograms and watts through various calculations
Version:Frink 2021-09-17
File name:frink.jar
File size:
1.5 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:September 17, 2021
Downloaded:16,772 times
Developer:Alan Eliasen


Converting between various units of measure can be a complicated task since you have to remember all the different formulas.
is a nice program that was designed particularly to be of help with this type of calculations.
The app has a simple interface and a clean layout, which makes it easy to handle by all users.
As mentioned, the app was developed to be a practical calculating tool by tracking units of measure through all calculations. The program works with multiple units, such as feet, meters, kilometers, watts and many more.
In order to have the program resolve the problem, you simply have to fill in the “From” and “To” fields on the interface for the input and output units. Thus, the app lets you fill in phrases such as “10 feet 12 feet 8 feet” and “gallons” on the output field. Thus, the program automatically calculates the volume of the object and number of gallons that can fit.
It’s also possible to modify the font size and have the text bolded. Thus it is easier to read.
The bottom line is that Frink is a great tool that is sure to be of great help, especially when you’re not familiar with various complicated formulas. Inexperienced users should find the program easy to handle, thanks to the intuitive layout and its overall simplicity.

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