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Free Stories 5.16.0 for Android

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Free Stories

Description:Loads of books to read from your smartphone
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Aug 29th, 2021


Free Stories is an app that offers a wide range of books that you can read from your Android device. Not only that, but the books are organized by topic and the app has a simple interface, so you can easily find an intersting book.

To get started, just open Free Stories and choose a language, since this app has books avaliable in a diverse variety of languages. Not only that, but you can tap on each book to get a little more information about it, such as its length and a summery.

Free Stories has yet another interesting feature: you can even write your own books and share them with all the other users. Just open the ‘write’ section on the bottom of the screen. Along the same lines, there’s also a library where you can add books that to read later.

Free Stories has all kinds of entertaining books to read. Just open a book, swipe to turn the pages, and you’ll be reading entire chapters before you know it.

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