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FortiClient 7.0 for Windows

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Description:Browse safely and protect your PC
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:May 7th, 2021


FortiClient is a useful tool that you can utilize to keep your PC safe and secure thanks to its comprehensive service package, which includes functions that fully protect your computer.

First and foremost, just like virtually all the similar anti-virus programs, FortiClient’s most important function performs a deep search of your entire system, quarantining all the infected or suspicious files that it finds.

You can have this task run weekly in order to be sure that your computer stays clean. You can even set the specific day and time for when this scan should be carried out.

Also, FortiClient includes a parental control function that allows you to supervise and control your children’s activity whenever they are using the computer.

With this feature, you can block certain websites or create an alert that will be shown on the screen when someone tries to open those web pages.

Lastly, the program allows you to set up a VPN (a virtual private network) which will protect you from virus threats of any kind as you navigate the Internet.

FortiClient is definitely a very comprehensive and useful tool that will keep your computer clean and virus-free. It will protect you both during your web browsing and after you have finished.

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