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Fork 1.68 for Windows

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Description:A great Git client for your PC
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Nov 22nd, 2021
Author:Danil Pristupov


Fork is one of the most straightforward and efficient Windows clients. Countless developers use this version control system that lets you work on projects collaboratively. Having a client with a graphical user interface like this one no doubt makes your work easier on a daily basis.

The Fork interface is incredibly user-friendly. There’s a long list of repositories, branches, origins, tags and stashes on the left-hand side of the screen. Meanwhile, you can also search and open any repository quickly, from the top of the screen. You can even organize tabs efficiently to improve your workflow.

Another selling point of Fork is that it helps to solve merge-conflicts in a simple and organized way. Just follow a few easy steps to solve coding problems with this program’s conflict assistant. Plus, the program also makes it possible to manage repositories without leaving the app.

Fork is a great Git client that lets you keep tabs on every file line so that you can tell who was the last person to make a change. This app’s simple and intuitive design makes managing all of your repositories much easier.

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