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Football Manager for MAC

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Football Manager

Operating System:MacOS
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Football Manager 2009 is a game from SEGA that puts you in charge of all the different aspects of managing a football club, from the transfers, to training, to press conferences. The game fills the gap left by the legendary PC Fútbol, and even betters it in many respects.

It comes with the relevant licenses from all the major leagues around the world. In total, it contains more than 5,000 teams from 50 countries with 350,000 real life players and employees. Details such as the club president, the coach, the scouts, and the trainer are all present in Football Manager 2009.

After analyzing the rival teams, choosing initial training programs and designing new tactics to counter a specific opponent, the game can begin. This version of Football Manager 2009 has incorporated a 3D view to watch the games, and a television view that offers real-time statistics during the game

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