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Food Street 0.56.5 for Android

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Food Street screenshot 2

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App Name

Food Street

Description:Run the best restaurant you can
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Aug 30th, 2021


Food Street is a management strategy game where you are in charge of a restaurant. Your mission is to turn the business into the best one possible.

You will be in charge of everything in the restaurant: growing the ingredients, processing them and putting them on the tables. To do this, you have to create growing spaces, as well as the different places where you will create the dishes. You will have to wait a while for these products to become ready.

You will make your way through the levels as you serve more and more dishes, which will let you unlock more items for your restaurant. Food Street stands out for the level of customization that you can give to your store: from the tables to the decorative objects. However, this depends on how many coins you have.

Food Street is a fun management strategy video game that, in practice, seems a lot more like classic farm-building games. This is a game that takes this gameplay and applies it to the restaurant world.

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