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Folder Firewall Blocker for Windows

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Folder Firewall Blocker

Description:Seamlessly block inbound and outbound connections between the files within a folder that feature EXE or other types of extensions via this tool
Version:Folder Firewall Blocker
File name:Folder Firewall Blocker 1.2.1.exe
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148 KB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:August 5, 2021
Downloaded:4,832 times


In the eventuality that you would like to make sure that a newly installed application on your computer does not send data to third parties, one solution to account for is restricting the inbound and outbound communication.
Folder Firewall Blocker
is a lightweight piece of software that enables you to lock down the executable files and hence, prevent unauthorized access to your system.
The application does not require setup and you can start using it to improve the security or manage the behavior of certain programs on your computer better and more efficiently. The program comes with a minimalistic and unappealing interface, but that is also intuitive and should not give you any troubles while navigating.
The GUI consists of two primary tabs that are representative of the functions they perform. Therefore, while in the Block tab you can specify the directory that contains the problematic file, the Extra file types allows you to define the files that you need blocked.
While initially, the app was developed to block executable files, you will be happy to learn that it can restrict access to any file that enables unauthorized connections with third parties. In fact, in the Extra file types, you can find a list of the other extensions that you can lock down, including SYS, DRV, MSI, JS, VBE and BAT files. Considering that you can block system files as well, caution is advised.
You should know that the application enables you to access the Window Firewall so that you can further define the inbound and outbound rules. Unfortunately, this is also the location where you can find and unblock rules that you set previously. It would have been useful if the utility allows you to search for specific rules and unblock them without you having to access the firewall.
Regardless of whether you suspect an application is infected or you just want to block unauthorized access to specific files on your computer, Folder Firewall Blocker can lend you a hand.

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