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Flycast is an emulator for both SEGA Dreamcast and Naomi and Atomiswave boards, derived from the mythical Reicast (another classic Dreamcast emulator) that unfortunately ceased to be active in 2020. However, this fork for MacOS operating systems more or less regularly receives updates that improve compatibility with the extensive SEGA catalog as well as the performance and stability of the emulator itself.

Flycast’s compatibility list is huge, covering almost all SEGA Dreamcast and Naomi releases, among which are some of the best representatives of some of the most famous sagas in video game history. The formats that you can easily open include CHD, CDI, GDI, and CUE, as well as compressed files in ZIP, 7Z and DAT. It’s important to remember that among the games not supported by the emulator are all the SEGA NAOMI 2, Hikaru, and SEGA System SP boards.

As usual with the thorny issue of BIOS, creating your own backup from any console or board you have at home is ideal, and if you don’t know how to do it, you can find all kinds of tutorials on the Internet. Once you have the BIOS, you just have to put it in the same directory as the emulator and, in a matter of seconds, you can be playing any ROM on your hard disk.

Flycast is an excellent Dreamcast emulator that lets you enjoy the vast majority of the catalog of what is, for many, one of the best consoles in history. This is a console that died prematurely without receiving all the love it should have; a console that now, thanks to this emulator, can once again receive love on your Mac.

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