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Flutter 2.5.0 for Windows

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Description:Control your music with a wave of the hand
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Sep 10th, 2021


Flutter is a small app that, once installed, will give you the option to partially control music playback on your computer just by passing your hand in front of the webcam.

The program is compatible with iTunes, Spotify, Winamp, and Windows Media Player, meaning you can use it with all the big-name players of the moment with no problems. In addition, although it works mainly with music, when you use it with Windows Media Player it will also serve to pause videos.

Unfortunately this version of the program is still in its nascence, and at the moment the only commands it recognizes are pause and play – meaning you can’t currently raise or lower the volume (which would be highly useful).

Once the program is running it will hide in the task bar without annoying you, and you can turn off the webcam with a single click on its icon.

Flutter is a very interesting complement for users of any of the four programs mentioned above, as it lets you pause your music with something much swifter than a click… which is already complicated.

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