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Flock 2.2.483 for Windows

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Description:A new browser for a new social web experience
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Feb 5th, 2021


Flock is a really fast and reliable web browser featuring lots of plugins focused on social websites that have made it to be named as the social web browser. Flock is based on the same Open source code of Mozilla Firefox, but it has some new features which make it different.

Flock give us a new interface more active, with more colors and 3D icons. Furthermore, Flock includes on the main window a Blog creator which will be a pleasure for those people who creates them, because it is fast and easy and they won’t need other program to create them.

It also includes a search bar, an anti pop-up and there are some extensions you can download from the official site. Finally, it comes with built-in Flickr uploading and lot of extra Flickr features built right in, so if you are a Flickr fan, Flock is the browser which suits you.

Enjoy Flock and decide the one you prefer.

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