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Flame Painter for Mac 4.1.5

Flame Painter

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Flame Painter for Mac4.1.5

Description:Procedural painting program.
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Operating System:MacOS
  • Intel 64
  • Mac OS X 10.6.0 or later
  • Downloaded:16,899 times
    Author / Developer:Developer website
    Paid • One-Time Purchase


    Flame Painter 3 is a unique paint application that lets you easily create original artwork, light effects, unconventional design or beautiful backgrounds with flame brushes.

    Flame Painter was created within ‘I am an Artist’ experimental project. The initial vision was to create an application for professional artists as well as for people without artistic skills who want to create original paintings. It is used by thousands of professional CG artists, designers, enthusiasts or children in school and we have had nothing but great feedback.

    New features in Flame Painter 3 include Flame Painter Connect – a Photoshop plug-in which works as a live link between Flame Painter and Photoshop, ability to use Wacom tablet pressure pen and Leap Motion camera and a smooth import and export of layered PSD and SVG vector files. Multi-core engine, new high resolution renderer and Photoshop blending modes have made this software a powerful tool for creating professional artworks.

    Important: Every Flame Painter user is eligible for 33% discount ($30) on Pro edition. If you’d like to upgrade, go to the Flame Painter Menu: “Help” –> “Upgrade to Pro” and you will be redirected to the website with all necessary information. Professional edition has many advanced features and can be used for commercial purposes.


    Photoshop plugin (for CS5, CS6, CC) – only in Pro
    Open and save layered PSD files – only in Pro
    Export SVG vector format files – only in Pro
    Photoshop Blending Modes
    Hires renderer – only Pro
    SuperSmooth Antialiasing – only in Pro
    Multicore optimization
    Safe Boundary
    Editable vector layers – only in Pro
    Wacom tablet support – only in Pro
    Leap Motion Support
    Copy-and-paste layers to 3rd party apps – only in Pro
    Unlimited layers

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