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Firefox Focus 91.2.2 for Android

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App Name

Firefox Focus

Description:A Firefox browser, with added security
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Aug 19th, 2021


Firefox Focus is a browser developed by Mozilla whose main aim is to provide the securest possible browsing experience. To that end, it doesn’t include a lot of the standard features on modern browsers, like bookmarks or tabs. Naturally it doesn’t remember your passwords either, nor does it store your cookies or do anything of the sort. Whenever you browse with Firefox Focus it’s like you’re browsing from a spanking new app.

Firefox Focus is a very light and very simple browser that provides a fully secure browsing experience. The browser blocks all trackers from any webpage and also tells you how many it’s blocked. In the setup options you can also manage the blockers you want to activate or deactivate, and set your preferred search engine or change the language.

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