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Final Fight LNS Ultimate 03 for Windows

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Final Fight LNS Ultimate

Description:A classic Capcom game on steroids
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Jan 11th, 2021
Author:LNS Team


Final Fight LNS Ultimate is a beat’em up developed with OpenBOR and based on Capcom’s classic game Final Fight. This version, however, offers a fresh experience by including additional characters and settings from the company’s other sagas.

The extensive cast includes characters from tons of sagas, including Street Fighter and Darkstalkers, plus many others. Each character has special moves, and the sprites are generally borrowed from the Super Nintendo versions of each game. This, combined with the possibility of playing up to four characters at a time, makes this game a wildly dynamic and collaborative experience.

Through the story mode, you can explore familiar places from the Final Fight trilogy and interact with the scenario by breaking containers, collecting weapons, and picking up valuables to earn points. This game is typical for the genre, although it has been adapted for PCs, which includes a 16:9 aspect ratio among other improvements.

Final Fight LNS Ultimate is an interesting dream match. Its cast of characters is wide-ranging and a little strange, but ultimately, this is an amazing gaming experience that proves, once again, that the beat’em up genre is absolutely timeless.

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