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Final Fight Gold for Windows

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Final Fight Gold

Operating System:Microsoft Windows
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Final Fight Gold – Champion Edition is a remake of the classic Final Fight, and adds a load of interesting new features, starting with the chance to choose from among various fighters from the Street Fighter franchise like Ken and Blanka, along with all the usual suspects.

Each of the characters comes with its own traditional set of moves. Ken, for example, can perform the ‘hadoken’ by correctly pulling off the half moon move, while Blanka can do his classic spinning attack.

The story mode in Final Fight Gold – Champion Edition is quite long and contains over 20 different levels where you’ll encounter more than 40 different enemies, each with their own end-of-level bosses.

Along with the traditional story mode, you can also play other modes such as training, ideal for practicing punch combinations for the different playable characters; and ‘boss mode’, where you come up against only the level bosses.

Final Fight Gold – Champion Edition is an excellent version of the classic beat’em up, and serves up some quality entertainment for up to four players simultaneously.

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