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FileGee Backup & Sync Personal Edition 10.3.6 for Windows

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FileGee Backup & Sync Personal Edition

Description:Make sure important files are safe and sound with an abundance of synchronization and backup methods, as well as automated processes and file encryption
Version:FileGee Backup & Sync Personal Edition 10.3.6
File name:FileGeeENP.exe
File size:
8.7 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10 32/64 bit
Windows 2008
Windows 2003
Windows 8 32/64 bit
Windows 7 32/64 bit
Windows Vista 32/64 bit
Windows XP
Updated on:October 30, 2020
Downloaded:4,568 times


With danger lurking on a large variety of websites and most computers are constantly connected to the Internet, it’s a good idea to keep your important files backed up so you don’t lose them in case unfortunate events occur. In this regard,
FileGee Backup & Sync Personal Edition
promises to deliver a powerful method for what the name suggests.
The application is built on the office suite layout, which is highly-intuitive and quickly gets you up and running. All tasks are displayed in a center area, with the possibility to modify any of its properties through a dedicated side panel. Before triggering a process, you can test it out, with the log being shown and possibility to save it to file.
Practicality is further enhanced by the method used to create tasks. In other words, you go through a wizard driven process fitted with various options to select targets and options. These are cleverly organized in several steps so that you don’t feel overwhelmed.
There are several methods to keep your data safe. Multidirectional synchronization is possible both locally, on a SMTP server or your personal cloud service. As such, options let you choose from one-way, two-way, mirror, move, replace, contribute sync, as well as incremental or full backup.
The creation process is more or less similar, regardless of the type of synchronization you pick. As mentioned above, thorough task settings are accessible through a side panel, with the possibility to simply specify source and destination, enabling the “Finish” button in the wizard.
On the other hand, you can go all the way through and this is recommended at least the first time. This is because the application comes with an impressive array and diversity of features that let you set advanced filter methods, automatic execution, retry mode, auto deletion, as well as several general options to enable encryption, notifications and more.
Since you can configure a bunch of automated processes for each task, the application handles most of the work. What’s more, implemented features enable you to have the program run at startup and have tasks set to automatically launch as soon as the app is good to go.
In addition to synchronization and backup, a few extra tools are included for more flexibility. Accessing the dedicated tab gives you the possibility to secure important files with a strong encryption algorithm, or split and merge them.
All in all, FileGee Backup & Sync Personal Edition is one of the application that should be amongst the top priorities after a fresh install of Windows, especially in office environments or if you’re working with sensible data. A powerful set of features is wrapped in a highly-intuitive interface, with an abundance of automation and security tools to assure you that files are safe and sound.

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