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F1 Manager 12.06.15213 for Android

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App Name

F1 Manager

Description:Are you the one who’ll bring your scuderia to ultimate glory?
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Sep 4th, 2021
Author:Hutch Games


F1 Manager is a driving game where you manage each of the key elements related to a successful Formula 1 team. As such, paying close attention to all the ins and outs of this competition is of the essence. Your aim? Take home gold in each world championship for teams and drivers.

Each time you cross the starter line in F1 Manager races, the whole race is in your hands. Make the right decisions like deciding when your pilots make their pit stops to refuel. Select the type of tires based on the conditions of each track. Camera modes are spectacular and it’s up to you to pivot between viewing angles to ensure the best possible strategic vision at all times.

F1 Manager showers you with rewards if you manage to be victorious in each race. Quite often, those prizes are pieces to add to your cars in order to be faster and faster on each track. But, you’ll also be able to unlock new, more agile pilots that’ll play a key role in bringing success to your team.

With F1 Manager you get to feel the thrill of heart-pounding races, full of excitement aboard realistic Formula 1 cars. Without a doubt, this is one of those sports management games puts your skills to the test when it comes to getting your drivers to speed past that checkered flag first.

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