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EZ Game Booster for Windows

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App Name

EZ Game Booster

Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Requires Windows XP or higher.
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EZ Game Booster is a tool to optimize all the resources on your computer so you can take full advantage of them and thereby boost its performance on games that have high technical requirements.

The interface itself in EZ Game Booster gives a hint of its potential and the many functions this program can perform. Among them are options to deactivate certain non-essential processes that eat up your memory, to optimize your browsers and bandwidth to avoid lags, and to optimize startup so your computer doesn’t run programs that aren’t going to be used.

EZ Game Booster also helps you manage the peripherals installed on your system that you use for gaming. Plus the program lets you defrag the different partitions on your hard drive to boost the speed of your computer.

EZ Game Booster helps you manage and discover the possibilities offered on your computer to boost its performance and use it smoothly.

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