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Everyone Piano for Windows

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Everyone Piano

Description:Turn your keyboard into a virtual piano
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Jul 23th, 2020
Author:Everyone Piano Inc


Everyone Piano is a nifty tool that transforms your PC into an authentic piano with a sound that is practically identical to that of an actual piano.

With Everyone Piano you can practice on your computer and improve your skill level, or simply start from zero. This simulation software will assign a note to each key on your keyboard, and there are even keys for each foot pedal.

This app also allows you to record the pieces you improvise or play, so you can listen to them afterwards and pick up on your errors. It also has a large music library with demo songs.

The keyboard for Everyone Piano is completely customizable and you can set the mid-tones and the key you want to play in. The tool also offers other advanced options to import sounds from other sources and connect a MIDI keyboard or an electronic organ.

Thanks to this program, you can practice peacefully at home, even if you don’t have a piano or electric keyboard.

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