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Ethereal 0.99.0 for Windows

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Description:Network protocol analyzer for Windows
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Jul 18th, 2006
Author:Gerald Combs


For those who don’t know anything about this type of application, Ethereal is a sniffer, an application that can capture all packets sent through a network to then interpret them and see what tasks are being carried out on the network.

Ethereal is a packet analyzer that can be fully recommended for professionals, as it even displays all the information sorted by types. You can capture the data from both the network, and a disk capture, as it supports over 20 different formats and more than 300 protocols.

Ethereal uses a system to view the data, and a completely different and incompatible system to carry out the captures (tcpdump).

Once the capture parameters have been established, the program will display the results on 3 information windows. Once done, you can access a list of all the captured packets, with relevant information as well as the ports that were used.

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