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Etcher 1.5.122 for Windows

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Description:Easily create bootable external drives
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Sep 3rd, 2021


Etcher (officially titled balenaEtcher) is a tool that condenses the entire process of burning disk images to external USB or SD drives in one place. This program takes care of processing the image, formatting the external device, and flashing it with the correct format so that it opens automatically on the device it’s meant for.

This software is designed specifically to be used by users with little to no technological experience. In addition to having an extremely simple and intuitive interface, it also helps you to make sure you don’t make any mistakes throughout the process. In fact, the program hides the local mass storage devices to help ensure you don’t confuse them with the drive you have connected. Little details like this make the app perfect for inexperienced users.

The possibilities Etcher offers are enormous and it supports the following formats: ISO, IMG, ZIP, DMG, DSK, RAW, XZ, BZ2, HDDIMG, GZ, and ETCH. You can burn Linux distributions to install them from a USB drive, or put a special operating system on an SD card to be detected by a Raspberry Pi. You can even use it directly to create a recovery and installation drive for Windows from an ISO. The best part? Anyone can do it.

To top it all off, balenaEtcher is a complete free and open source program. Thanks to this fact, it doesn’t have any sort of ads to ruin the experience.

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