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EncFS MP 0.11.1 / 0.99.1 Beta for Windows

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Description:An intuitive application that enables you to create an encrypted file system and mount it on your computer or on a removable drive
Version:EncFS MP 0.11.1 / 0.99.1 Beta
File name:EncFSMP_0.11.1_Setup.exe
File size:
6.3 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:August 18, 2021
Downloaded:1,854 times
Developer:Roman Hiestand


is a reliable application that enables you to create a secure location in which to store sensitive information, on your computer or on a removable drive. The software allows you to create, mount or edit encrypted file systems, that you can easily manage as long as the application is running.
EncFS MP allows you to easily create and encrypt file systems, using a series of methods or encryption levels. The software allows you to choose from amongst three complete configuration options: the standard one, the paranoia and the expert. The first two methods are fixed and do not support modifications.
The Cipher algorithm is the AES, with a 192 or 256 keysize and a 1024 blocksize. While the key derivation duration is 500 ms in the Standard version, the Paranoia supports a 3000 ms key derivation. The Expert encryption method allows you to choose the algorithm between AES or Blowfish, as well as modify all the other parameters. Moreover, you can select the name encoding from the available options: Block, Null or Stream.
Using EncFS MP is easy, due to the user-friendly GUI and accessible commands. You may easily create a new file system, assign a name, set the encoding method and select the path. The path must indicate and empty directory where you wish to store the encrypted files. Moreover, you need to set a master password, which can gain you access to the folder. The password is not stored, which means you cannot recover it if you lose it.
Additionally, checking the “System visible” box enables other users to view the file system in the computer’s tree structure, with the dedicated drive letter. Once the file system is created you can mount it and activate/deactivate it at any time. However, EncFS MP must be running while the folder is active.
The access to the EncFS MP folder is restricted by the password, which you need to remember. Moreover, you need administrative rights in order to mount the folder, which might require that you restart the application in admin mode. However, once mounted, the file system can be accessed with the password and the files may be opened freely.

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