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Elona 1.97 for Windows

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Description:A fun, nice-looking, and accesible roguelike
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Mar 18th, 2020


Elona – Eternal League of Nefia is a roguelike that, unlike many other roguelike titles, has amazing graphics and an accessible interface designed to attract new players to this rather inaccessible genre.

There are tons of ways to customize your character. You can choose from more than a dozen races, such as lichs, fairies, golems, humans, and goblins. You’ll also have several different classes: warriors, paladins, wizards, rogues, etc.

You can also customize your character by giving them different features that affect their abilities. And, of course, you can change their appearance, modifying their hair, body type, color, etc.

Once you start playing, you’ll find a mostly-traditional roguelike game with turn-based gameplay and a very simple interface – so simple, in fact, that you can enjoy Elona using an Xbox 360 controller (although it’s much better to use your computer keyboard).

Besides fighting, you’ll be able to explore an extensive world, enter dozens of dungeons, talk with NPCs, go on secondary missions, and much more.

Elona – Eternal League of Nefia is the perfect game to get to know the roguelike genre. It has great graphics, a relatively simple control system, and a difficult gameplay that’s still forgiving for beginners.

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