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eJay Dance for Windows

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eJay Dance

Operating System:Microsoft Windows
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eJay Dance is a perfect application to free your creativity, allowing you to create your own themes, songs and mixes. If you are a fan of the most daceable music and you want to give you an opportunity, eJay Dance 7 is your software.

Thanks to its library with more than 5000 free samples which can be used, you’ll be able to create any song, no matter if you prefer dance, house, techno, chill or trance.

eJay Dance includes a multitrack mixer capable of managing up to 48 tracks at the same time, so you’ll have enough for your loops and samplers, won’t you?

If you don’t have a clear idea, eJay Dance includes a sample song which will show you the correct structure and the easiest mode to create any musical theme.

All this and more in an eye catching interface very well designed which wil be loved because of its intuitivity and easyness.

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