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EditPad 8.2.3 for Windows

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Description:Forget the Notepad editor, use this good text editor
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:May 27th, 2021
Author:Jan Goyvaerts


EditPad Lite is an ideal program to replace the Windows Notepad. This useful text editor offers you a good quantity of options which make it something more special than a simple notepad.

Change font, size or style, as well as page properties. By that way, we could say that EditPad is an advanced version of the classic Windows text editor.

Its interface mixes design and functionality. The main features and options are easily accessible with a click from the menu bar.

We should stand out that it supports tabbed editing, that means you can open several documents at once and have them open. You can pass from to another with just one click and copy and paste easily. That’s very useful when you are working on several documents and sharing information from different texts.

In short, EditPad is a very interesting choice if you need something more powerful than the Notepad but you don’t want a heavy and full-featured program like Microsoft Word.

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