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eclim 2.21.0 for Windows

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Description:Integrate the functionality of the Eclipse platform in the Vim text editor, with this set of plug-ins that offers access to the coding features through a command line
Version:eclim 2.21.0
File name:eclim_2.21.0.bin
File size:
22.7 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Updated on:November 10, 2021
Downloaded:2,760 times
Developer:Eric Van Dewoestine


is a set of plug-ins that was designed in order to provide people with the means to integrate the functionality of
text editor. More precisely, it enables you to access the Eclipse code editing features through a command line or local network connection and integrate these tools with the Vim editor.
Among the features that can be accessed you can count code completion, searching, code validation and much more, which are already readily available for using in the Vim environment. In addition, you can run a headless instance of Eclipse which all instances of the text editor can communicate with.
According to the developer, the tool can come in handy in three distinct situations. For starters, the app offers supports for anyone who prefers Vim as the primary editing GUI.
Then again, in the eventuality you need additional tools, you can can run the eclim server from the Eclipse interface and interact with it through external Vim instances. The latter is the second scenario where the app can simplify the workflow since the app enables you to code using the Vim interface.
The third scenario where the app can be helpful is when you use Eclipse’s GUI, but also gvim in the role of an embedded editor.

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