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Earwax Clinic 1.7.3 for Android

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App Name

Earwax Clinic

Description:Resolve ear-related medical issues for your patients
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:May 31rd, 2021
Author:Geisha Tokyo, Inc.


Earwax Clinic is a game for all ages where you play as an otolaryngologist who wants to help patients with their ear-related medical problems. In this game, your only objective is to help your patients feel better by performing the correct treatment with the available tools, ensuring that your patients leave happy.

Gameplay in Earwax Clinic is very simple, so even children can play this game without adult supervision. There’s even a short tutorial to help in case you get stuck. Basically, all you have to do is tap the screen and slide your finger to solve your patient’s ear-related woes.

Your first few patients have too much earwax in their ears, so you’ll need to use a tool to scrape it out and complete their treatment. As you advance through levels, your patients’ issues become more complicated, requiring you to learn new techniques and use new tools to help them. But gameplay is always the same: simply slide your finger across the screen to solve the problem.

Help your patients feel better and beat levels by removing every trace of earwax or whatever else is required. Have fun as you treat all kinds of patients, solving their medical issues and watching them return home happy all thanks to you.

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